Blog: Is Your Business Phone System Helping You… or Not?

A phone system is vital to a company, it is something that most people don’t think about or take for granted – until it doesn’t work anymore.

However, as a business owner, you know that it’s essential to be ahead of the curve. By thinking ahead about all of the ways your people communicate and collaborate, and how that impacts business process and success, you can ensure that your company avoids expensive downtime and inefficiency.

Is it time to make a change to your business phone system? Here’s how you can tell.

You are still calling it a “phone system”

Your employees and your customers are sending texts, watching videos, and taking their technology with them every day in their personal lives.  They want the same in their daily work lives. 

What businesses need today is a Communications Platform, one that enables easy to use tools that extend to workplace and mobile environments, offering all the convenience of anywhere, anyhow, and any time communications.  

The phone call is alive, well, and more mobile than ever

Over 92% of business and customer communications still happen over a “phone”.  Employees spend time on 1-1 phone calls, and about 15 times that on conference calls. 

If those interactions need to be secure, recorded, and/or compliant, they need to happen within the business Communications Platform instead of personal cell phones.  

By leveraging desk phones in tandem with softphones and mobile apps, you can ensure that your people will be communicating in your secure business environment from anywhere their work gets done.

Poor Quality on Calls

Having problems hearing the other person is frustrating. Not only can it make calls take longer than necessary, but they also affect your employees’ morale and efficiency.   

Even more importantly, customers don’t like dealing with businesses that they struggle to communicate with. A large percentage of people who can’t connect with a company on the first try won’t try again. 

If they can get through but deal with static or cutting out, they won’t have a good opinion of your professionalism.  Call quality affects every part of your business – if you don’t have clear calls, it’s time to upgrade!

Your Customers are Making Contact, but You Do Not Have a Contact Center

In the beginning, it might be fine to have all calls come to a single primary phone number. You can answer the calls and give the customers what they need with a business phone system. 

However, over time as your business grows, you recognize the need to route calls to the appropriate people or department to avoid inefficiencies and unnecessary delays.

You may also find that it is hard to keep track of your customer’s preferences, the reasons they contact you, and how satisfied they are with your company.

The right Communications Platform can do more than just deliver phone calls, it can route Web Chats, Emails, and Social Media messaging too.  Increasing your Business Intelligence and Customer Satisfaction can drive to great business outcomes, your customers will thank you – and so will the employees who need to speak to them!

You Don’t Have the Flexibility or Security You Need

Is your current phone system locked to landlines and equipment in a specific building? If so, you’re limiting your ability to grow your company. 

What if you want – or need – to hire remote workers? Or your staff needs to work from home part of the time? You’ll want a Communications Platform that has the flexibility to allow for that.

There’s no reason to require employees to use their personal cell phones for work.  Consider that employees are sending 1.5 to 2.0 texts per phone call. This compromises their privacy and can definitely cause compliance issues for your company.

Instead, choose a business phone system that uses VoIP or the cloud, and supports secure Voice, SMS, Chat and Video transmissions…That way, it can go wherever your staff does, however they need it to…

You’ll be glad you chose flexibility as you grow!

Make Sure Your Phone System is Working For Your Business

These signs are sure indications that you have outgrown the phone system you use for business. The good news is, there are a lot of other options!

If you’re ready to see what a flexible VoIP Cloud Communications Platform can do for you, contact us today.


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