Case Study: Barton Partners Design Firm – Helm Partners

Industry: Integrated Architecture Design

Barton Partners is an integrated design firm dedicated to enhancing the value of its projects and the physical environments in which they reside.

The Firm focuses on both residential and commercial/mixed use projects and integrating urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design into one cohesive unit.


Modernized communication system from an outdated phone system to a unified communication platform with minimal impact to business operations.

Barton Partners: The Challenges

  • Service issues with current phone system
  • Multiple variables to navigate in choosing a new system


  • Conducted a site infrastructure assessment
  • Reviewed current contract, cost, and service inventory, as well as resource availability (personnel commitments, project prioritization, future planning)
  • Conducted interviews with team members to identify needs, challenges, and opportunities
  • Performed a GAP analysis comparing current phone system/infrastructure to a future system
  • Created a business use case to simplify and improve user experience

Barton Partners: The Results

Barton Partners Helm case study

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