Case Study: Business Process Outsourcing

Industry: Health Care

  • 20+ locations
  • 500+ cc agents

Multi-channel, multi-lingual, contact center with near and on-shore locations including Jamaica and Guatemala. Private equity funded.


  • Reduction in the carrier cost (including the immediate negotiation of a $3.6m annual commitment contract)
  • Resiliency of network
  • Improved management of ongoing expenses

The Challenges

  • Significant spend with a single carrier giving vendor undue leverage
  • No repository detailing current services and costs
  • Managing double-digit company growth resulting in limited internal resource bandwidth


Aggregated carrier invoices and cross-referenced against accounts payable data. Drafted comprehensive network diagrams outlining client profile. Presented phased recommendations accounting for contractual obligations. Lead the implementation along with service turn up and disconnects. Monthly audits of invoices to confirm service delivery and savings capture.

The Results

Sourced new primary MPLS carrier. Largest incumbent carrier footprint shrunk to key secondary network. Built high bandwidth ISP solution for data traffic and voice back-up at some locations. New network design enabled five nines uptime. Renegotiated all contracts over a period of 18 months. Enabled the opening of four new contact centers without an increase to telecom budget.

$2.6 m in operating savings.

Helm Case Study BPO Contact Center

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