Case Study: Dental & Vision Benefits


Dental & Vision Benefits

Engagement Summary:

Over the course of five (5) days, Helm completed an assessment of the client’s network strategy and communications platform including $3.0m of annual spend with the goal of highlighting opportunities for cost reduction and/or design optimization.

Assessment Scope:

  • Seven (7) carriers
  • 20 invoices
  • 25 contracts


  • Contractual commitments existed for a portion of spend reviewed
  • For both high and low bandwidth circuits, the current per Mb costs vs. Helm benchmarks were significantly higher
  • Per-minute rate benchmarks across both long-distance and toll-free traffic presented a 10-17% savings opportunity
  • $140K of monthly spend was immediately available for sourcing with a $27K-$40K monthly savings target
  • Target timing to deliver impact: ~90 days
Helm Case Study Dental and Vision

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