Case Study: Managed Health Care Company

Industry: Health Care

  • 80+ locations
  • 7000+ employees
  • 2000+ cc agents

Managed health care company focused on special populations, complete pharmacy benefits, and other specialty areas of healthcare.


  • Reduction in carrier costs
  • Resiliency of network and redundancy at all locations
  • Transparency of carrier costs and services
  • Flexibility to scale

The Challenges

  • Existing proposal already received from national carrier
  • Clouded visibility of all existing services
  • Current carriers under contract (need to manage early termination fees)
  • Need to keep the total number of carrier to a minimum for easy management


Helm Partners performed a full inventory assessment of all telecom costs and services. Completed marketplace evaluation targeting lit building and local exchange carrier providers. Developed a solution construct based on the sites a carrier could service and the relative cost of their circuits. Negotiate contracts and terms.

The Results

Sourced redundant circuits at all locations. Delivered additional 25% savings over existing proposal from same national carrier. Negotiated away the bulk of all early termination fees for legacy circuits. Managed provisioning, site readiness, activation, and disconnect process. Created detailed inventory file (soon to be translated into a full telecom expense management program). Developed department budget for new year.

Total run rate annual savings in excess of $1.4m

Helm Case Study Healthcare 3a

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