BLOG: Cybersecurity Assessments – Now’s the Time to Get One!

What Cybersecurity Assessments means from the desk of Helm Partners CISO, Mike Meltz…

Do you know where your company stands in terms of cybersecurity?  Cybersecurity best practices and tools are changing at a rapid pace; it’s almost impossible to keep up.

As the digital landscape has evolved over the past three months and work as we know it has gone through a radical change, now is a great time to have an expert team perform a deep-dive, business-focused Cybersecurity Assessments.

The outcome of this third-party assessment will help you understand what your company is doing right and possible areas for improvement.

What We Look For When Speaking About Cybersecurity Assessments

These assessments will look at the tools you are using, the processes and procedures you are following, and how your business is currently operating.  The current “new normal” working environment has pushed the existing infrastructure and tools to the limit, exposing the business to unforeseen vulnerabilities.

When evaluating an organization to perform an assessment, be sure to understand the required time commitment for both you and your partner, the necessary internal information and data, and a clear understanding of the deliverables.

A key outcome of the assessment should be to highlight your current Cybersecurity maturity level and define any gaps in your cyber program that need immediate attention.

Most companies have a highly diversified IT infrastructure consisting of multiple tools and platforms.  This encourages sprawl and increases exposure to cyber-threats. A regular cyber assessment is the starting point for identifying vulnerable areas, detecting potential risks in advance, and resolving security holes before incidents occur.

A key deliverable of a successful Cybersecurity Assessment is a detailed mapping of the current IT Infrastructure. Key technologies such as switches, routers and firewalls must be continually updated, and have their configurations and access lists reviewed.

During the assessment, possible signs of compromise will be highlighted and need to be addressed immediately.

Move from Prevention to Detect and Respond

Ensuring a mature cybersecurity posture within a business involves the efforts of all its team members.  At the critical moment when an attack occurs, many organizations realize that they have not adequately assessed the risks and cannot resolve the incident with internal resources.

Conducting Cybersecurity assessments helps to understand the capabilities and limitations and to take the necessary steps to respond in a timely manner. A well-prepared organization can respond quickly to dangerous situations of varying severity.

Another key deliverable of a successful Cyber Assessment is a plan to help the organization plan for possible threats and give them a clear plan to respond in the event of an incident.

Be Prepared, we can help

Cyber attackers can penetrate your business in many ways.  The education and training of all team members is essential in preventing attacks and reacting appropriately to a security threat. Having a security plan and a well-trained team helps to protect your company and position the team to quickly react to the worst-case scenarios.

Risk analysis should be a living activity in the organization, and after the first essential evaluation, it should be carried out regularly and at least annually.

At Helm, we can help you plan, prepare and guide you on your journey to a more secure enterprise.


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