Helm Partners Cybersecurity Campaign Wrap-Up

We know that cybersecurity can often feel like an overwhelming task. That’s why over the past several months we’ve developed and shared an educational series on the importance of cybersecurity. 


Helm Partners took you on a journey. We shared information about the importance of understanding vulnerabilities and implementing strong cybersecurity protocols. We explored how cybersecurity can fit into your day-to-day operations and shared many actionable tips. 


We want to thank those who followed along, asked questions along the way and entered our drawing for a Yeti cooler! (We did draw a winner last week and that individual was notified.) For those of you who missed our campaign, we’ve compiled highlights below. 


Password Management… What Was That Password Again?

  • What’s a busy professional to do? 
  • Password Management 
  • What about Biometrics?
  • MFA-Multi-What? 
  • The Dark Web 
  • What’s next in password management


Weighing the Benefits of SD-WAN for Your Business

  • What is SD-WAN? 
  • But What About Security? 
  • Benefit #1: Reduce IT Costs 
  • Benefit #2: Improved Performance and Productivity 
  • Benefit #3 Simplified Business Operations
  • Is SD-WAN Right for Your Business?


Against Phishing Attacks, YOU (and your users) are the firewall!

  • Email phishing testing 
  • Training before and after is the key 
  • Continuous testing and follow-up 
  • enhanced email security/scanning and sandboxing 
  • What Phishing attacks mean for you


Why Managed Security Services are Right for Your Business

  • How does this work? 
  • Help is always available when you need it 
  • How to choose whether to build or buy


We look forward to continuing to share relevant and actionable information related to cybersecurity, so please keep your eye on our blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn


If you have any questions or would like more information on our customized business-focused security solutions to fit your organization’s specifications and budget, please reach out today for an assessment. It all starts with a conversation.


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