Press Release: Helm Appoints Mike Meltz as the CISO/Senior Director, Security and Infrastructure

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA — Helm Partners, a leading technology and telecommunications advisory services firm, announced Mike Meltz as CISO/Senior Director, Security and Infrastructure.

With Meltz, Helm is poised to continue to exceed expectations in delivering insights and high-impact outcomes to their clients.  With technology being such a dynamic and ever-changing space, there is great opportunity and risk in the marketplace for businesses looking to secure, improve and grow.

Meltz’s strategic experience fits perfectly within the Helm Partners engagement model and core expertise to meet the demands businesses face now and moving forward.

I am excited about this opportunity and I will focus on helping our clients build a solid Security program that will balance the need for increased security without impacting the day-to-day business of the organization, said Meltz when asked about his new role.

Today, all businesses face incredible cybersecurity and risk challenges— from external threats, budget constraints, information overload and the lack of employee engagement and training.

You need a detailed plan, and everyone has to be on the same page. It’s not just about purchasing products but the need to craft a custom solution based on the unique needs of the business. It takes a detailed plan, internal buy-in, effective implementation and ongoing, continuous improvements.

Cheers up!

Paul Weiss, Chief Knowledge Officer at Helm Partners views this new hire as the further realization of Helm Partners mission. “We are proud to have Mike Meltz on our team, and are excited about the expertise in Cyber, Infrastructure and Cloud services he brings to Helm and our clients.”

He went on to say that, “Mike is experienced, smart and detailed in his work.  He brings unique experience and perspective having been an IT Security executive for a firm that grew from $400M to a $5.3B in annual revenue during a time of exponential growth in the Cyber-threat environment.

Protecting a business while enabling its growth is the challenge, and Mike has met that challenge.  His real-world qualifications will be valuable to our clients in identifying their most important security vulnerabilities and developing an action plan to execute, measure and adapt in today’s increasingly challenging threat environment.”

Since 1987, Meltz has worked in the IT field and he specializes in the implementation of enterprise-level technologies and business process improvements. His goal is to remain focused on creating a secure and quality-driven user experience while helping the organization grow and thrive.

Before joining Helm, Meltz held various technology and strategy leadership roles at companies throughout the United States. Prior to those roles, he ran IT Infrastructure and Security at Allied Universal.

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