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There must be something in a name.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)—pronounced sassy—is a recent development that incorporates the power of SD-WAN with a more comprehensive network security model. In short, agile and modern businesses should consider the impact that this technology can have on its ability to operate with partners and customers more securely.

SASE is a cybersecurity idea that Gartner, Inc. introduced to the public in August 2019 through a reported titled, “The Future of Network Security in the Cloud.” It garnered a significant amount of attention from industry professionals around the globe and is has created a lot of buzz and discussion.

What Is SASE?

SASE is a security concept that aims to combine network security services and wide-area networking (WAN) under a single cloud-based solution model. Leveraging the power of mobile connectivity and real-time updates, SASE can comprehensively manage the elements that matter to business managers the most.

Gartner claims that SASE can identify a network, account for internal security policies, and assess your risk to exposure all under one roof.

How SASE Benefits Businesses

Even further, Gartner has estimated that more than 40 percent of all enterprises will adopt SASE by the year 2024. That number is pretty significant. The architecture of SASE technologies can recognize trusted users on a network, apply security measures to their session while still allowing them to access the data and information they need in real-time.

If these benefits pique your interest, here are a few more ways in which SASE can boost the safety and security of your cloud applications:

  • Cost Reduction: Long gone will be the days of buying multi-point solutions. A single platform will be sure to reduce your IT expenses.
  • Simplicity: Without proper management, an IT environment and network can become bloated and convoluted using ‘duct tape’ strategies passed through the hands of multiple managers. SASE will simplify your IT infrastructure since it only requires a single platform.
  • Data and Threat Protection: SASE integrates full content inspection and data protection policies throughout your entire network. These two elements alone will ensure that your organization stays safe and secure from cybercriminals and hackers looking for an ‘in.’
  • Flexibility: There are several security services you can incorporate with SASE, including web filtering, data loss prevention, sandboxing, and next-generation sequencing (NGS) in your technologies.

As you can see, Gartner is making a strong case for cloud application SASE services. And business owners wanting to protect their internal and external interests stand to benefit from adopting it.

Industries that Stand to Benefit the Most

SASE technologies are an excellent choice for all business owners and managers who are engaged in protecting their network at the highest level possible. However, specific industries stand to benefit the most since rules and regulations require them to adopt secure systems. Businesses that come to mind are professional services firms, healthcare organizations, organizations that execute credit card payments, and any organization bound by industry compliances and auditory processes.

Hospitals and law firms deal in extremely private matters that are considered privileged information, such as healthcare information and details that apply to a lawsuit. Both of these businesses have been victims of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. SASE may just be the solution for which they were looking to prevent future occurrences.

E-commerce retailers are also a lucrative target for cybercriminals since they deal with collecting payment data and payment process. Cracking open your company’s customer database is like finding a treasure trove for these unsavory individuals. Make sure you are offering the latest in safety and security by adopting SASE.


SASE is a security solution that a significant portion of the business world will adapt over a short-run time horizon. It combines the power of WAN and network security under a single solution to help simply and flexibly manage your IT environment and cloud network. Doing so will benefit you by saving time and creating a higher level of security that you, your employees, and your customers can come to trust.

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