BLOG: Deploy Telecom Strategic Sourcing Engagement with Helm’s Proven Process

It seems like telecom strategic sourcing is one concept nobody understands or cares enough. Probably it obeys to the fact that telecommunications is typically one of the largest spend categories at many companies. In consequence, telecom is often poorly monitored and managed.

Information technology personnel are focused on end-user support and keeping the operations running, and finance or sourcing have limited knowledge of the technologies deployed.

Layer onto that the complexity of telecom contracts, interdependencies of services, unfocused account support from the carriers, and a general difficulty in getting full view of the entire spend category, telecommunications is notoriously challenging to optimize and source.

Helm Partners has provided strategic sourcing and procurement advisory services for more than 20 years. 

For this reason, we leverage our proven sourcing methodologies to assist clients with their telecommunications assessments and strategic planning. Our engagement model delivers superior results with minimal client time commitment. 

Step by Step Telecom Strategic Sourcing

Phase I: Assessment

Every strategic sourcing project begins with thorough data collection to establish a baseline. Data collection parameters include business profile (headcount, locations, etc.), network diagrams, invoices, and contractual commitments.

The goal is to complete a detailed profile of the organization and an inventory of active services and costs. 

Within three weeks, our assessment will highlight infrastructure and resource readiness, project goals based on client feedback, and associated risks. It will also establish qualitative and quantitative impact potential.

The results are often the first comprehensive, validated, and transparent view each layer of the organization has into their communications infrastructure and support services spend.

Phase II: Development and Evaluation

Once the detailed assessment is complete, we launch into phase II and refine the technology analysis. Of course it comprises confirming the business requirements through stakeholder interviews, and highlighting the overall engagement strategy.

At this point, Helm drafts RFPs or strategic renegotiation plans and utilizes years of industry experience to quickly vet the marketplace and align the appropriate vendors for inclusion in the process.

Then our sourcing engagement model will control vendor interactions, issue and standardize RFP responses, lead vendor demos, develop cost models, refine requirements as needed, and support contract negotiations and agreement execution.

As a result, we deliver accelerated, focused, and objective analysis of the marketplace and delivers executable options to our clients.

Phase III: Transformation & Measurement

After completing the fomalities of executing the contract, Helm supports the next phase of the process most critical to success: transformation. Then it starts our technology, sourcing, and project management team manages the vendor implementation and turn down of legacy services.

They provide technical guidance during implementation, tracking user adoption and impact, and holding vendors accountable to delivering services.

Our sourcing engagement model measures the financial impact to ensure value.  It captures and provides resources for post-project remediation and support. The results of this phase include de-risking of the strategy execution and client advocacy with the carriers.

Our experience and carrier relationships significantly increase the probability of on-time implementation. We know where pitfalls occur and have access to the carriers at all levels for issue resolution and through accountable project management (with both carriers and clients).

Phase IV: Lifecycle Management

With hundreds of clients across all 50 states, Helm provides continuous support and collaboration. We achieve telecom strategic sourcing through our process and commitment to clients. Engaging with Helm Partners is the first step in a long-term partnership.

In consequence, we have been working with more than 90 percent of our clients for over five years. We hold quarterly reviews to identify and solve issues and challenges, conduct service and feature re-evaluations to modify or pivot as businesses transform, and support all clients with a dedicated account team.

Why Telecom Strategic Sourcing?

Our process results in continual improvement and advocacy for our clients. 

Long in short, Helm helps organizations make informed decisions and accelerate their impact. Our process starts with a conversation—how can we support you today? Contact our advisory services experts at 484-567-1100 or

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