Why Managed Security Services are Right for Your Business

Today’s businesses utilize as many as 50 security tools and services. The overload of information coming through the IT team can be a huge burden. It’s difficult to weed through all that information to pinpoint potential issues. 

Some organizations have taken on the difficult and expensive task of implementing their own SOC (Security Operations Center) by purchasing and attempting to install a SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) system. The process of purchasing, setting up, managing and tuning a modern SIEM with feeds from key components of your network can be expensive and complicated. 

But now there’s a better way: partnering with a Managed Security Services Provider. In the past, moving to an MSSP was costly and designed solely for large enterprises. Many options now exist for enterprises of all sizes to take advantage of this great option.


How Does This Work?

 MSSPs that focus on providing a combination of SOC/SIEM typically install security agents on an organization’s servers and ‘point’ the logs from key systems, including firewalls, web gateways, email security appliances, etc. to an in-house managed SIEM. This data is analyzed against threat feeds and other sources using a combination of advanced AI, machine learning and human interaction. Your data is also anonymously compared to incoming data from other customers to search for any indications the system was compromised.


Help is Always Available When You Need It

When outsourcing your security services, the MSSP team is consistently reviewing your environment. If something malicious is discovered, the MSSP will alert your team with detailed information about the event. In some cases, the MSSP will not only recommend a course of action, but they may even be able to help resolve the issue. 

If something really problematic is detected, some MSSPs can even send teams onsite to assist or interface with your organization.


How to Choose Where to Build or Buy?

Your company must decide if it’s ready to invest in a sophisticated, dedicated team, specific tools and detailed processes to build your organization’s cybersecurity program. 

If you choose to build, the first step is hiring a highly skilled and experienced security leader who will create a cyber program to fit your needs. If you choose to partner, you will have a range of choices, from basic remote assistance to a fully outsourced and managed cybersecurity program. It’s a difficult choice, but it’s important to have all the facts to make an informed decision.


We Can Help You Find the Right MSSP for Your Organization!

At Helm Partners, we work with many MSSPs. We’re product and partner agnostic and will take the time to dive deep into your business and help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact us today and we can help you find the best partner to manage your security infrastructure.

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