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Disconnected systems and the performance bottleneck they create is the main technology challenge that leads to agent frustration and is a major reason for customer complaints.

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With 95% of customers preferring more than one channel to communicate and 90% of customers sharing their experiences with friends, family and social media, what happens in the contact center does not stay in the contact center. It impacts the totality of the business.

The perception of what a contact center is has changed to a focal point of improving the customer experience and generating revenue. With greater scalability and improved efficiencies in performance and cost, next-gen contact center solutions are enabling businesses to optimize their customer service practices, benefitting from automation and intelligence across all channels of customer contact.

Helm operates with an appreciation of those stakes.

Win in this space. Take the Helm. It starts with a conversation.

“We were down eight hours and unable to book a single patient appointment due to a failed maintenance upgrade in my contact center. It was the worst day of my professional career. I am really looking forward to turning up our cloud contact center”

— CIO, Healthcare Industry

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