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With an accelerating shift to digital transformation and the rapid growth of the as-a-service economy, legacy networks are not best equipped to handle the demands of today’s technologies.

agile networking company

Businesses can benefit from an agile network, faster and smarter, purpose-built to improve application performance, deliver intuitive top-down management and reduce spend through a flexible operational model.

Helm helps our clients in their aim to provide the best possible experience for customers and employees. Many companies are orienting to a software driven model as a more modern way of solving problems and analyzing their business. An ongoing challenge is to always consider the entire ecosystem, the experience of all participants, (vendors, clients, employees, and the business) as their application posture changes.

Helm recognizes the critical interdependencies and the need to make the right adjustments that best enables these outcomes.

“Helm’s recommendation resulted in a 500% increase in bandwidth, a 20% reduction in operating costs and achieved 100% uptime. This allows us to better serve our patients and has been critical in achieving our cloud strategy.”

COO, Healthcare Industry

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