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From high-level strategic development and execution to customizing and implementing specific technology solutions, Helm paves the way to the ideal approach for each and every client.

“We were running multiple applications to find ways to connect with our clients, limited in ways we didn’t even realize were hurting our business. Helm did the necessary due diligence to know our business and what we needed. Now we have an easy to use platform that lets us communicate any way we want from anywhere, reshaping the way we work every day.”

— Senior VP, Engineering / Architecture Industry

“We knew our intention of consolidating data centers, but what we didn’t appreciate was all the inter-dependencies. From managing current contracts, visioning the network redesign, sourcing connections and the succinct coordination of vendors, timelines and deliverables, Helm gave us the manpower and attention to detail we needed.”

— CTO, Healthcare Industry

“We were down eight hours and unable to book a single patient appointment due to a failed maintenance upgrade in my contact center. It was the worst day of my professional career. I am really looking forward to turning up our cloud contact center”

— CIO, Healthcare Industry

“Helm’s recommendation resulted in a 500% increase in bandwidth, a 20% reduction in operating costs and achieved 100% uptime. This allows us to better serve our patients and has been critical in achieving our cloud strategy.”

— COO, Healthcare Industry

Call Center Industry

Upgraded services and increased bandwidth achieving 17% cost reduction. Facilitated the opening of two additional 400+ agent locations with no increase to IT budget.

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Construction Industry

Migrated from premise phone system to hosted solution. Simplified management of system and increased company uptime to near 100%. Annual net savings of $850,000 net new costs (30%).

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Private Equity Industry

Completed a cross portfolio review to identify opportunities to leverage technology and vendor contracts. Increased fund group valuation by $18m.

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