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Welcome to the Ecosystem

With an accelerating shift to digital transformation and the rapid growth of the as-a-service economy, legacy networks are not best equipped to handle the demands of today’s technologies.

Businesses can benefit from an agile network, faster and smarter, purpose-built to improve application performance, deliver intuitive top-down management and reduce spend through a flexible operational model.

Helm helps our clients in their aim to provide the best possible experience for customers and employees. Many companies are orienting to a software driven model as a more modern way of solving problems and analyzing their business. An ongoing challenge is to always consider the entire ecosystem, the experience of all participants, (vendors, clients, employees, and the business) as their application posture changes.

Helm recognizes the critical interdependencies and the need to make the right adjustments that best enables these outcomes.

“Helm’s recommendation resulted in a 500% increase in bandwidth, a 20% reduction in operating costs and achieved 100% uptime. This allows us to better serve our patients and has been critical in achieving our cloud strategy.”

— COO, Healthcare Industry

Managing Risk

Benefit from today’s dynamic and growing SECaaS offerings, reducing Business Risk, Operational Risk, and Reputational Risk through Network Gatekeeping, Threat Prevention, and Data protection.

Today, all businesses face incredible cybersecurity and risk challenges—from external threats, budget constraints, information overload and the lack of employee engagement and training. You need a detailed plan, and everyone has to be on the same page. It’s not just about purchasing products but the need to craft a custom solution based on the unique needs of the business. It takes a detailed plan, internal buy-in, effective implementation and ongoing, continuous improvements.

“Your attention to detail, quality of deliverables and your ability to work in a team environment has proven invaluable thus far.”

— Helm Client

The Strength of our Union

Unified Communications (UC) tools enables individuals and businesses to greatly enhance the way in which they interact and perform.

With 60% of employees considered mobile by 2020, and 84% of knowledge workers carrying tablets and smartphones, it has never been more important for businesses to adapt to the modern workplace. Raising the stakes, 75% of knowledge work will be completed by distributed teams, with 52% thinking their tools do not well support distributed work processes..

Whether sending a message or text, joining a call or video conference, harmonizing different communication channels will increase employee productivity and their use of the UC tools businesses are investing in.

Improve collaboration. Take the Helm. It starts with a conversation.

“We were running multiple applications to find ways to connect with our clients, limited in ways we didn’t even realize were hurting our business. Helm did the necessary due diligence to know our business and what we needed. Now we have an easy to use platform that lets us communicate any way we want from anywhere, reshaping the way we work every day.”

— Senior VP, Engineering / Architecture Industry

Empowering Customer Engagement

Disconnected systems and the performance bottleneck they create is the main technology challenge that leads to agent frustration and is a major reason for customer complaints.

With 95% of customers preferring more than one channel to communicate and 90% of customers sharing their experiences with friends, family and social media, what happens in the contact center does not stay in the contact center. It impacts the totality of the business.

The perception of what a contact center is has changed to a focal point of improving the customer experience and generating revenue. With greater scalability and improved efficiencies in performance and cost, next-gen contact center solutions are enabling businesses to optimize their customer service practices, benefitting from automation and intelligence across all channels of customer contact.

Helm operates with an appreciation of those stakes.

Win in this space. Take the Helm. It starts with a conversation.

“We were down eight hours and unable to book a single patient appointment due to a failed maintenance upgrade in my contact center. It was the worst day of my professional career. I am really looking forward to turning up our cloud contact center”

— CIO, Healthcare Industry

Business Enabled

In the effort to maximize efficiency and control costs while faced with the challenge of delivering a better product or service, many businesses are turning to Managed and Cloud IT services and solutions as integral to enabling their success.

With increasing dependency on applications including email and communications, customer relationship management (CRM), agile compute, and business continuity, understanding the marketplace and determining the best value propositions for your business is complex and time consuming.

Helm delivers the necessary market insights to help you make the most informed decision for your business. The right managed service can improve your network, free up your resources, supercharge your productivity, fortify your security, and ensure your business is always up and running.

“We knew our intention of consolidating data centers, but what we didn’t appreciate was all the inter-dependencies. From managing current contracts, visioning the network redesign, sourcing connections and the succinct coordination of vendors, timelines and deliverables, Helm gave us the manpower and attention to detail we needed.”

— CTO, Healthcare Industry

Expenses Managed, Business Insights Optimized

Telecommunications costs now make up 44 percent of a company’s IT budget, but often times businesses do not have the dedicated resources to manage the growing breadth of items falling under IT’s purview or optimize today’s mobile technologies to drive down costs. As costs and complexity continue to increase, a trusted partner becomes increasingly important to the organization.

Helm provides the engine to gain transparency into your expenses and manage them intelligently. Increase visibility and understanding of billed services and actual versus budgeted costs will eliminate waste and enable better decision making. With detailed reporting to simplify vendor management, cost allocation, contract adherence and procurement processes, your cost structures will continually be reviewed and optimized. Today’s expanded application of mobility technologies can increase your business’ insights into your People, Places and Things, helping drive down other operational costs within the business.

“Once a month, in just 30 minutes, I get full visibility and transparency into my entire telecommunications spend and environment.”

— CFO, Contact Center Industry

Speed to Benefit, Results Realized

The signing of the vendor contract represents the start of the heavy lifting.

Too often, projects are significantly delayed or even fail completely during the implementation stage. Contributing factors include: lack of vendor preparedness, demands on internal resources, time constraints, competing priorities, cost overruns, or a failure of the technology as implemented to deliver the anticipated impact. The inability to realize the full benefits of the technologies you have invested in can have an adverse impact on day-to-day operations. Successful technology adoption is the direct outcome of a well-executed project, not a post-installation consideration.

Helm provides program management services and vendor relationships designed to ensure technologies are implemented in a timely manner, with minimal strain on internal resources and maximum benefit to the business.

Ensure a successful outcome. Take the Helm. It starts with a conversation.

“In my 10 years of completing large scale projects, this is the smoothest transition I have ever been a part of. There is no doubt in my mind it was because of Helm’s involvement”

— CIO, Financial Services Industry

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