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As Russia launches its military attacks on Ukraine, the destruction and brutality of war stands as an all too stark reminder of the dangers today’s world presents.  Those dangers and threats do not just exist on TV or in faraway places; they exist for all of us as an ever present risk to our own security and well-being.  Russian (and many other bad actors) infiltration resulting in cyber breaches has affected multiple ministries, public sector agencies, and private business in every market segment and vertical.  The threat landscape is active and growing in sophistication and severity.

While the national need for leadership of military attack, defense, and security has always been stressed, the current digital landscape implicitly demands a strengthening of government, corporate, and even personal cybersecurity measures.

The responsibility to strengthen our collective cybersecurity does not belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone, and no one but you can strengthen your own protection.  This has become a key concept stressed by news outlets and cybersecurity professionals.  A  former National Coordinator for Security & Infrastructure Protection for the US warned, “I think the key for American companies is to go shields up, to start asking ‘What more can I do in order to protect my networks, and if I lose the networks do I have a plan to get back up and have some resiliency and interim capability?Everyone should be doing that right now. Everyone.” 

As cybersecurity becomes more complex and new threats emerge daily, building your shield is more urgent than ever before. Unfortunately, few businesses know exactly what more they can do as they work to strengthen a cybersecurity program for which they may possess limited knowledge and resources. Going shields up requires more than firewalls and anti-virus, those are table stakes that protect a small segment of your overall vulnerable attack surface.  Fortunately, specialists at companies such as Helm Partners are here to take the guesswork out of cyber data protection and security.

How Helm Partners Can Help

Helm Partners provides a sensible, concise evaluation centered around prioritized recommendations to quickly identify and address your actual risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Cyber Assessment – Helm’s Cybersecurity assessment aligns to NIST and CIS frameworks, providing best-practice guidance for your business to rapidly improve your security protection and resilience. The answer to “How do we address our most critical risks first, and most effectively?” has never been more important than it is right now. 
  • Cyber Threat Recon – Are you already compromised?  What is your company’s profile on the bad actors’ Dark Web?  We will work arduously below the surface to uncover lurking threats and diagnose them accordingly.
  • Cybersecurity Tooling – The cybersecurity threat has never been greater, but the marketplace of cybersecurity technologies has never been more advanced and readily available for small and mid-size businesses to benefit from.  Do not leave yourself unprotected simply because you were not aware of your options.  Helm Partners will provide you clear-eyed practical guidance in building your defenses.
  • Cybersecurity Response – Alarm systems don’t help if no one hears them.  How can you build a 24×7 response operation without hiring a team?  The good news is that you do not need to, these teams have already been built for you.  Helm Partners can analyze the best plan for you.  
  • Cyber Resilience – If you do not have a Recovery Plan, let’s create one. Simple guidance can help strengthen your cyber resilience.

Engage with Helm Partners and let’s take this on together – we can help you navigate these challenges.

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