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Expenses Managed, Business Insights Optimized

Telecommunications costs now make up 44 percent of a company’s IT budget, but often times businesses do not have the dedicated resources to manage the growing breadth of items falling under IT’s purview or optimize today’s mobile technologies to drive down costs. As costs and complexity continue to increase, a trusted partner becomes increasingly important to the organization.

Telecom Expense Management Services

Helm provides the engine to gain transparency into your expenses and manage them intelligently. Increase visibility and understanding of billed services and actual versus budgeted costs will eliminate waste and enable better decision making. With detailed reporting to simplify vendor management, cost allocation, contract adherence and procurement processes, your cost structures will continually be reviewed and optimized. Today’s expanded application of mobility technologies can increase your business’ insights into your People, Places and Things, helping drive down other operational costs within the business.

“Once a month, in just 30 minutes, I get full visibility and transparency into my entire telecommunications spend and environment.”

— CFO, Contact Center Industry

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